Helpful Links & Videos

Here is a little video I made showing how to give eye drops and eye ointment to a cat.

** Please note that I am not a vet and have exactly zero minutes of vet-training. But I am very good at doing exactly what the smart vet-types tell me to do **


Here are some of my go-to websites when I have questions.

Cat Behavior:

Jackson Galaxy’s website

Alley Cat Webinars


Bottle-Feeding and Neo-Natal Kitten Care:

Kitten Lady’s website

Kitten Season Primer


Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care:

The Cat Site Forum


Foster Instagram Accounts Near You:

Check my ever-so-handy, always-fluctuating @foster_kittens_fyi for Instagram accounts just like mine, but in your area.


Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR Programs):

Feral Cats

TNR Resources


Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics:

Click here to search by ZIP code


Foster Opportunities in the U.S.:

Click here to meet kittens in your area who need a foster home.


Also this:



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