About Me

Former toddler. Eater of lunch and other meals.

Advanced user of butter and sequins.

Co-creator of twin daughters. Happily married to a guy who runs on purpose.

Professional cat janitor and kitten smoocher: that’s me.

This is me, totally smooching a kitten professionally.

The part where I state un-related facts about myself

I live in a weird old house on a beautiful plateau overlooking a pristine lake in a forested area. You’ve seen the forest from the kitten room window in videos: we see birds, squirrels, chipmunks, owls, deer, and sometimes bears and bobcats (please let me pet you). I love Washington!

I enjoy reading and eating and cooking and working in my yard. I love to decorate and paint my weird old house.

I love people and I love food and I love my little family. I love to laugh.

I’ve fostered kittens in the Seattle, Washington area since 2012.

Here are the amazing shelters where I get to foster:

Purrfect Pals

Seattle Humane Society

The part where I’m secretly famous

Usually I’m that person who gets mustard on my shirt while trying to get mustard off my shirt. Other times, I’m secretly famous and people want to interview me about fostering.

Interviews make this mustard-girl very nervous, because although I truly enjoy people and talking about fostering, I am very nervous in the spotlight and end up rambling off overly-specific facts about Corgis and other awkward things.

I dislike attention so much that one time, I almost stopped attending the church I love because I won five chili cook-offs in a row and I was super embarrassed. The fifth year, I didn’t even enter the contest, but the pot of chili I brought to the party somehow got mixed in with the contestant’s, and I won anyway. This was ten years and three states ago, but my heart is racing at the memory as I type this. We had to move across the country because I was so mortified, and that’s the story of how we moved from Colorado to Washington, DC. But I digress.

I do want to spread the word about fostering and helping homeless kitties as much as I can, so even though it makes me anxious, I straighten my ponytail, take a deep breath, and try to be brave. And most interviews are over the phone, so I don’t even have to change out of my mustard-shirt.

Once, I was on a podcast: The Purrrcast

I got to attend CatCon in 2017. I met lots of you at the Petcube booth! Everyone was very nice and didn’t mention that my zipper was down the whole time.

I presented two fostering seminars at CatCon in 2018. The ASPCA sponsored my visit, and we signed up 262 new foster families for the LA area.

Another time, some poor guy from the local newspaper lost a bet and had to interview the city’s crazy cat lady: a newspaper article about me

Another thing I did with some people: Metter Media interview

My church did a thing, too: LDS Living

Another interview: About Fostering

Sometimes my foster kittens are famous, too

Eli, the only surviving kitten from his litter

Olivia and her kittens

Pregnant Sophia wakes me up when it’s kitten time

That time I had six ginger kittens

A kitten bosses me around

The Seven Dworphans: Marvin’s litter

Maggie’s litter

Charlotte’s kittens

Cats from Oman!

Seven Manx kittens

Some graybies

A pocket-sized kitten

My very own Felix 🙂

Gatsby, Felix’s brother

Calico Chloe, raised with Felix



I hope I get to meet you someday!