Evelyn and her Chocolate Lab Kittens

Evelyn’s four kittens were born on 6/8/18. She and her kittens will go up for adoption when the kittens weigh two pounds. Kittens typically hit that weight when they are around 8 to 12 weeks old.

The Seattle Humane Society will handle the adoptions. We’ll be looking for people who will not declaw the kittens, ever, and who will keep them indoors. Priority goes to those adopting siblings together, those who are home during the day, or those who already have a kitty in the home.

  • Out of state adoptions are allowed, but you will need to pick the kitty up from the Seattle area in person.
  • We do not ship or transport kittens.
  • To be considered for adoption, please print out the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire, fill it out, and email it to  A scanner app like iScanner may be useful.
  • When emailing your questionnaire, please indicate if you would like to adopt two kittens, or if you’re interested in adopting Evelyn. Those applications go right to the top of the queue.
  • The pre-adoption questionnaire allows you to be approved for general adoption, but not to adopt a specific kitten. About 90% of the time, people have a specific kitten in mind, but change their mind when they meet all the kittens in person. And often the kitten(s) does the choosing (or at least have a say in the matter). So, holds cannot be placed on individual kittens until you have met them in person.
  • If you are selected, and after they’ve had their first set of vaccines (when they’re around four weeks old) I’ll invite you to my home to meet the kitties. Once you’ve had a chance to meet them, we will place a hold on a kitten(s) for you.
  • Your application is good for six months. So, if you’re not selected this time, stick around…..

And may the odds be ever in your favor.