Books and Calendars

Each year, I make and sell a calendar of the years’ foster kittens. Included are my favorite captions, as well as way too many kitten photos because I can’t decide on the cutest so I just use almost all of them.

The calendars ship internationally. Check the publisher’s homepage for discounts and deals before yoCalendar coveru check out.

Click here for a peek at my 2018 calendar. If you click the Preview button, you can see what each page looks like

A portion of the calendar proceeds go towards supporting foster programs in the Puget Sound area.

Happily, my calendars have become quite popular through the years. The publisher prints them on demand, though, so don’t worry – there’s enough for everyone on your shopping list. Plus one for you to keep.

Here are links to my calendars:

2018 Calendar

And if you want to go back in time:

2017 Calendar

2016 Calendar

This is the part where I’m an author

I wrote a very silly book and it’s probably way below your reading level. But it’s an actual, true story about an actual, true foster cat and her kittens who stayed with me for a while. Six out of six teenagers laughed when they read it, and that’s the best endorsement I can think of. Sophia

Also, there are very cute color photos included.*

Here is a link to the e-book (recommended, and also comes in a language near you):

Sophia and the Chocolate Chips e-book

You can download it to any device using the Kindle App.

Here is a link to a hard copy (not recommended, because I included too many color photos so it’s waaaaaay more expensive than necessary and I might actually be worse at self-publishing than I am at making websites):

Sophia and the Chocolate Chips Coffee Table Book (softcover)



* Also there are a total of EIGHT five-star reviews and none of them are from my mom, so ….

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