The part where I’m an author

Hey! I wrote a book!

It’s very silly and probably way below your reading level. But it’s an actual, true story about an actual, true foster cat and her kittens who stayed with me for a while. Six out of six teenagers laughed when they read it, and that’s the best endorsement I can think of. Sophia

Also, there are very cute photos included.*

Here is a link to the e-book (recommended, and also comes in many languages):

Sophia and the Chocolate Chips e-book

You can download it to any device using the Kindle App.




Here is a link to a hard copy (not recommended, because I put in too many photos so it’s waaaaaay more expensive than necessary):

Sophia and the Chocolate Chips Coffee Table Book (softcover)


* And there a total of EIGHT five-star reviews and none of them are from my mom, so ….